7 things we have learnt from CBB so far

The meaning behind lavender handkerchiefs

Shane J has become the resident authority on gender and sexuality and his wise words and facts have taught us a lot in the past week. This fact popped up during a conversation about marriage with Ann. Shane explained the reasons for the colour of his shirt and bowtie. Looking lovely in lavender, Shane explains the colour code comes from LGBTQ cultural history, in which a lavender handkerchief represented a male who dressed in drag or was interested in those that did.  

Wayne Sleep danced with the People’s Princess

Reminising on times gone by, Wayne told the housemates all about his dance with Princess Diana, to the song Uptown Girl. Wayne chuckled over kicks, spins and lifts that could have left the princess being thrown from a stage, had a mistake happened.

Betty Swallocks Slays!

Courntey Act introduced the world to her new drag sister this week. Andrew volunteered to “drag up for dinner”.  After deciding on a name, the lovely “Betty Swallocks” sashayed into the kitchen, filled with charisma.

Gender is on a spectrum

Courtney bringing the truth again here, as she explained to the guys the delicate lines around gender. The difference between trans-life and Drag Queen was explained expertly, he said: "India is as close to woman in her mind as anyone can get", while Shane on the other hand is more in the middle, but on the male side.

Ann’s not a fan

Ann needs convincing sbout Prince Harry’s new fiancé, Meghan Markle. In Ann’s words her divorce, her background and her age equal trouble. Oh Ann. 

Race as we know it doesn’t exist

A casual conversation on race turned into a prime lesson in humanity, when John explained the differences between us. “We are 98% the same, except one gene, melanin,” he said, only to be followed by Daniel's question: “Is that because of the sun?”.

How to tuck

It takes time to look as beautiful as Courtney Act, which Betty learnt the hard way. But a crucial part to this look is the “tuck”. A lot of sticky tape and some courage should do if you wanted to give it a try.

Only Malika knows the words to Pony

Alongside the boys, Ginuwine performed his classic "Pony" for the 'Entertain Me" task. It became clear pretty early on that only Malika knew the words. Despite everyone else giving it a right good go. 

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