7 Things You Need To Know About CBB Day 7

Seven days. Seven whole days where our celebs, both new and old, have experienced the highs and lows of spending time with one another. While some are now starting to slip into a routine, some are re-evaluating the side of themselves that they’ve shown so far. And some… some are just getting super comfortable. Check out the seven things you need to know about Day 7. 

1. Coleen shed a tear for Calum

Calum’s reaction to Coleen’s comments left her teary-eyed. Watch the exclusive Diary Room confession! 

2. We finally found out why they wanted all the water bottles back

They were having bottle flipping withdrawals.

3. Jasmine laid her healing hands on Calum for a sensual massage

Eager to get extra close to Calum? Or was Jasmine just lending a helping hand?

4. Brandon has some A-star sleeping tekkers

Although he's all about the comfort, Mr. Block has an awkward snoozing position.

5. Say goodbye to the woman you used to know. RIP Nice Nicola

Nicola is done with biting her tongue. Uh oh.

6. Looks like Coleen, Jasmine and Hedi are forming a #CBB version of Mean Girls

After being involved in the latest task, the troublesome trio gleefully returned to the House. We'll know it's Wednesday when they all start wearing pink.

7. Ray J sleeps… a lot

We're not sure if all the House drama is draining Mr. J? Or maybe he’s suffering from narcolepsy?