Socially #Awks vol 3

You are what you tweet, people. And judging by some of the stuff we've seen on our celebrity housemates' social media accounts, there's a whole lot of strangeness going on behind those pretty faces. Let's take a look...

Jamie's fanboy moment

Hands up if you had Jamie pegged as a Directioner. Anyone? No, thought not.

Coleen's cocktails

We should say, first, that Coleen mostly uses her Twitter to promote good causes, which is totally noble. But then she also tweeted this cocktail. Not that it doesn't look tasty, but it definitely seemed a bit #offbrand for our Loose Woman.

Self-care with Spencer

Spencer apparently has... good nails? Is that a thing? 

Harley McLean


A photo posted by Nicola McLean (@nicolamclean30) on Oct 31, 2016 at 3:28am PDT

Nicola's take on 2016's most popular Halloween costume for women is actually pretty good!

Jedward's breakfast mishap

So annoying when that happens.

More Socially #Awks coming your way very soon...