Top 8 moments from Big Brother 2013

Last summer’s Big Brother was full of secrets and lies, an intriguing love triangle, all manner of twists and turns and some absolute comedy gold. Bring those memories flooding back with our run down of some of the greatest moments from this time last year.


Lower your tone, strengthen your argument

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There’s nobody better at squabbling than siblings, so with a pair of identical twins in the house, the occasional bickering session was a cast iron guarantee. This is the best of the lot, as Jack and Joe set about each other with verbal dexterity and increasingly raised voices.


In, out, shake it all about

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Big Brother had a shock in store for poor old Dexter – he thought he’d been evicted, but was in fact simply being moved into BB’s secret Safe House. This is the moment he heard the news... and instantly broke down in tears.


I ain’t going nowhere

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Early favourites in the Big Brother House often fall by the wayside as the weeks go on, but it’s rare that we’re able to pinpoint the moment when it all went wrong. Wolfy started off hugely popular with housemates and the public alike, but when she found herself nominated for eviction, she confidently claimed that she knew we’d be safe – and the viewers didn’t like that attitude at all.


Hello, sailor...

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One of the biggest stories of the summer was Callum and Dexter’s rivalry over Charlie’s affections. Things got extremely awkward as Callum was asked to perform a striptease for a housemate of his choice... neither Charlie or us viewers will ever forget the sight of those red hot pants...


A twist within a twist

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BB2013 was themed around secrets and lies, and Big Brother saved the biggest whopper for the final week. Housemates were told that one of them could leave the House with a huge chunk of the prize money, and Dexter thought he’d be going home with a stack of cash. But Big Brother was telling fibs, and this is what happened when he found out the truth...



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Gina was a hugely popular housemate, and was well known for being a bit of a diva. What’s the only way to make a diva more demanding? Turn her into a literal queen bee, with full power over her fellow housemates!


Big Brother cuts The People’s Puppet’s strings

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Michael – aka The People’s Puppet – is an absolute Big Brother legend. He came, he saw, he completely messed with the housemates’ heads. The glorious moment when the truth was revealed to the group was a sight to behold.


And the winner is...

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With the likes of Dexter and Gina hogging the limelight all series, our eventual winner flew under the radar at times. But the great British public had their say, and proved that sometimes nice guys finished first. Our shy but happy heartthrob from Wales was crowned the winner, and left the House to meet his adoring audience.